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At Criminal Defenders Group, we are committed to protecting the constitutional rights of the accused and arrested with any type of criminal offense. We are a leading Los Angeles Criminal Defense firm in the greater Los Angeles area dedicated to protecting the rights of the innocent from unjust and unlawful criminal charges. Our professional and aggressive attorneys have years of experience in criminal defense laws and hence, they are able to represent clients and handle complicated cases with great care and accuracy. If you are currently going through such a difficult situation, then you should hire us to protect you and your rights in the best possible way. We work under the belief of "Justice For All" and we offer our extraordinary services at affordable fees. Our criminal lawyers have been practicing law primarily in Los Angeles. You will only be given the best representation possible by choosing one of our Los Angeles criminal lawyers at Criminal Defenders Group. Your Los Angeles criminal lawyer will pick only the best strategy for your case.

Our professionals are licensed to practice in the Supreme Court of California and courts in different counties within Los Angeles County. Many times innocent people fall prey to the legal system even if they're innocent. If you are wrongly accused or arrested, then we are the right attorneys to defend you and help you to obtain your constitutional rights to justice. We are committed to assisting our clients in every way and we work closely with them so that we can prepare a strong defense for them. 

Our hard work, practical experiences and latest information help us to represent clients in a highly professional manner to ensure favorable results. We give the best possible efforts so that an unexpected arrest or accusation does not have a negative impact in your personal, professional and social life.. The most competent and trustworthy attorneys of Criminal Defenders Group provide the best service possible to their clients. Our criminal defense firm services the greater Los Angeles Area. There aren’t many Los Angeles criminal defense firms like Criminal Defenders Group because of the level of service we provide to our clients. You need a firm who knows criminal law in Los Angeles very well and understands Los Angeles criminal law procedure. Criminal Defenders Group also has criminal defense attorneys that can come to you in the greater Orange County area.

Some important reasons why the Criminal Defenders Group is the most trusted criminal defense firm in Los Angeles:-
  • Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience to defend you in the best possible way
  • We offer consultation service for free so that clients can understand their rights to help in making the right decision
  • We help to dismiss the case or reduce the charges
  • Keep the clients away from jail by seeking alternatives such as electronic monitoring and house arrest
  • Client satisfaction and safety come first for us
  • We are always available for you
  • Competitive service fees and many more…

Contact us any time at 1-87.7-97-LALAW ( 1-8.77-975-2529) or you can visit our official website to take the benefits and assistance of our dedicated attorneys and extraordinary services.

You can also e-mail us at info@criminaldefendersgroup.com

Our fax number is 310-34.1-2566

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