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Protecting the constitutional rights of individuals accused of crimes

Innocent people should not be accused or convicted of criminal charges. There are certain criminal and legal issues that people cannot solve on their own if they are charged with committing a crime. In difficult situations, you should trust the most aggressive attorneys who will fight for your constitutional rights that you deserve at criminal defenders group.. We are the leading Los Angeles Criminal Defense firm dedicated to protecting the rights of innocent individuals from unlawful and unjust criminal charges. Our highly experienced, knowledgeable and skilled attorneys can deal with complex criminal cases. We are always there to help you and we believe in “Justice For All”. We offer effective legal services in the greater Los Angeles area at competitive fees.There are a lot of criminal defense attorney’s in Los Angeles but picking an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can make a huge difference in your case.

There are many laws and regulations in Los Angeles that are created in order to protect citizens from crimes and criminal activities. However, such laws can trap innocent people or go against them without their fault. In such situations it is your constitutional right to get justice and an adequate defense in order to defend yourself from wrongful accusations.. If criminal cases are not defended by the right attorney, then the accused might end up with severe legal consequences like long term prison sentences if their attorney does not provide effective assistance of counsel . So don’t let an arrest have a negative impact in your personal, professional and social life. Hire the most competent Los Angeles Criminal Defense Firm to help you get rid of the difficult and unfortunate situation you are currently facing.

With the combination of our hard work, firsthand practical experiences and updated information we are able to handle each case with great care and accuracy. We also work closely with our clients so that we can study everything related to the case intensely to prepare a strong defense for them. Our attorneys give every case large or small equal importance and hence, we give the best possible defense to ensure success. Our professionals have helped many clients to come out with a clean record who were charged with criminal offenses.

Trust our team of attorneys to get a favorable outcome for you if you are charged or accused with criminal charges. Get your right to justice without stress and tension with our reliable, professional and affordable attorney services.

Court Process :
  • Misdemeanors : Are punishable up to a maximum of one year in county jail. A person charged with a misdemeanor could also face fines and probation.
  • Arraignment : This is where we enter a plea of not guilty on behalf of the client and request discovery from the prosecutor.
  • Readiness Conference : We negoiate with the prosecutor to either drop the charges or enter into a plea bargain that pleases our clients. Another option we have is to reject the prosecutors offer and go straight to trial.
  • Pre-Trial motions : We will file motions to suppress evidence and other evidentiary motions if necessary on behalf of our clients.
  • Trial : If a plea bargain has not been reached between the prosecutor and our attorneys then the case will possibly go to trial.
Major reasons why you should trust the excellent services of Criminal Defenders Group:-
  • We have extensive experience in criminal defense
  • We work only with the best criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles
  • Offer almost all types of legal advice
  • Help to dismiss the case or reduce the charges
  • Attempt to keep our clients out of jail by seeking alternatives such as house arrest, electronic monitoring, etc.
  • We prepare strong defenses for your case
  • We are always available for you
  • Assure clients satisfaction at reasonable fees and many more…
Bail Procedure:

The amount of bail that you have to place depends on the type of charge the prosecutor files against you. The judge will then determine whether to reduce your bail based on a number of factors like if he finds that you don't have any prior convictions or arrests. Also, whether or not you're a danger to the community or possibly a flight risk. The client then pays a percentage amount of the bail amount to a bail bond company which tells the court that the bail bond company will pay the bail to the court if the defendant does not appear in court.

Own Recognizance:

This is when a person is released from custody without making a bond payment upon the condition of returning to court. The judge will see what type of charge the client will be facing and then make a determination that the client can be released on Own Recognizance.

What to do if you're arrested:
  1. You have a right to an attorney: Picking the right criminal defense attorney is extremely crucial. Our team of attorneys have the experience you need and deserve. Picking an attorney should be comfortable and in a stress free enviornment.
  2. You have a right to remain silent: Do not answer any questions until you speak with one of our attorneys. It is your constitutional right to not answer any questions and to not incriminate yourself. Police officers will question you in order to possibly receive incriminating statements from you. You must be aware that you have a constitutional right to remain silent and not answer any questions until your attorney is present.
  3. You have a right to confront and cross examine witnesses: It is also your constitutional right to cross examine witnesses that the prosecution has provided who will be testifying against you in your case.
  4. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty: Don't make any incriminating statements and don't let the officer make you feel that you are guilty because there is a presumption of innocence on your behalf.
  5. You have a right to a speedy trial: There is a statutory period of time that your case is required to go to trial within in which you also have a right to waive.

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