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Today, Criminal Defenders Group has become the most trusted and highly professional law firm in Los Angeles because our clients are satisfied by our services in criminal defense cases and other essential legal practice areas. At Criminal Defenders Group, we are always there to represent clients in a practical and professional manner so that we can have positive outcomes of every type of complex criminal cases. We strongly believe in the value of “Justice For All” and our attorneys and paralegal staff work hard to achieve and constantly maintain this essential value.

Our main area of practice is Criminal defense. We have expanded our practice area to complex legal issues because of our expertise, practical knowledge and the increasing demand of time and niche clients.

The highly professional and aggressive attorneys of our renowned Los Angeles Criminal Defense firm can handle different types of important cases with great care. With the extraordinary skills, hard work and practical intelligence, our team of attorneys can represent and defend our clients from the prosecution.

  • Sex Crimes : Sexual behavior is considered criminal activity if a person commits sexual abuse, sexual battery, forced copulation, lewd behaviors, illegal possession of pornography, forced sodomy, solicitation, illegal prostitution, indecent exposure and any kind of sexual activity that harms the emotional and social dignity of a person.

  • Violent Crimes: Murder and Manslaughter : These crimes are considered very serious crimes in Los Angeles.

  • Juvenile Crimes : Juvenile offenses are related to crimes committed by children and minors.

  • Federal Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Fraud :  These are non-violent crimes which mostly involve working professionals and businessmen. Major federal and white collar crimes include Bribery, Antitrust Violations, Credit Card Fraud,Securities Fraud, Mail Fraud, Money Laundering, Public Corruption, Tax Evasion and many more.

  • Drug Crimes :  Illegal possession of abusive drugs and narcotics in any form such as heroine, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, LSD and PCP is a severe offense in Los Angeles.

  • Felonies, Misdemeanors and Theft/Larceny :   If a person is caught or charged with these crimes, then he or she might face long-term jail or end up paying a hefty fine.

  • Probation Violations, Bench Warrants, Evading Arrest, House Arrest, Restraining Order and Bail : Restraining orders, evading arrest and violating probation are considered severe criminal offenses in Los Angeles. Our team of attorneys are always here to help you when you need us during this difficult time.

  • DUIs/ Driving Under the Influence :  Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol might result in fatal accidents and damage to properties. You need a DUI attorney on your side to resolve your case.

  • Domestic Violence :    This type of offense is an intentional causing of bodily injury to a spouse or partner. It may occur between partners, spouses, ex-spouses, kids, and other relationships.

  • Weapons and Battery : Illegal possession of guns and explosives that can cause deadly harm to others and society is a severe offense in Los Angeles.

  • Traffic Violations :  Driving without a license or reckless driving can land the driver in jail and may force the driver to pay serious fines.

  • Asset Seizure/Forfeiture :   Personal properties, business properties and assets that are connected with unlawful and criminal activities are allowed to be seized by the state. The authorities can seize homes, vehicles, ornaments, cash or anything else that is related to or meant for criminal activities.

Increasing crimes and criminal activities is a serious issue in the highly populated greater Los Angeles area. Therefore, the government has enacted many rules and regulations to maintain peace in society and to safeguard the life and assets of citizens. However, in many instances innocent citizens are arrested, charged and convicted wrongfully in the above stated criminal and illegal activities under certain penal code sections of Los Angeles. If you or one of your loved ones is stuck in a difficult situation, then it is your constitutional right to defend yourself.

You can trust our most competent attorneys and paralegal staff to get your Constitutional Right to Justice without much tension and stress.

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